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    Using Twitter as a feed reader

    Robert Scoble famously posted about ditching Google Reader for Twitter a bit more than a year ago, and ever since I’ve been baffled at people moving to Twitter or Facebook to read their news. Business Insider even said a few months ago that Twitter has killed RSS readers. I’ve always been wondering how Twitter would be any better than RSS… that is, until I’ve actually tried it. Now I’m just thinking those people are crazy out of their minds.

    Spam your friends with Yahoo! Pipes

    You know how it goes: you’re an internet hipster with blogs and Twitter feeds and all that kind of new age stuff, but only other internet hipsters read them. Your friends (at least the ones that are not internet hipsters) only stick to Facebook. So how can you bring your stuff to them? At first, it seems easy: Facebook can pull “stories” from various websites and services. Go to your profile, and under the status update box, click “Options” and then “Settings”.

    Some more contacts love

    There’s been a lot of improvement in communications in the past few years, from better services to brand new ones, but I still feel like contact management is lagging behind. I mean, isn’t it important to be able to find how to contact somebody in the first place?

    Here are a few things I think could be better.


    RSS feeds and the zen of the newspaper reader

    I see a lot of articles on the internet these days about ways to trim down your RSS subscriptions, how to manage your time to read through all your items, etc. My opinion on this is the complete opposite. I say: subscribe to many RSS feeds. Leave most of them unread. Or set them as read after merely glancing at the article titles. Most RSS feeds have crappy articles (insert a snappy joke about this one here) or, at least, articles not relevant to you.