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    PHP is fucked up

    You may be shocked by what I’m about to say but here it is: PHP is fucked up. Oh, no. Wait. No you’re not shocked. You already knew it. Today’s topic: namespaces. PHP’s namespace implementation is fucked up. There’s really no way to say it nicely, and you will realize it 5 minutes after starting to use them, when most of your code breaks and you need to litter the beginning of your files with use statements and you really wonder what you gained in the process.

    Announcing PieCrust

    You may have noticed that this blog has changed its look, and has migrated its comments to Disqus. You may also see at the bottom of the page something about some pie crust baking… here’s what’s happening. I have a few websites around and most of them don’t have much in them (e.g. I use the domain name for other things). There’s clearly not enough content to use a proper CMS, but there’s a bit too much repetition for my tastes if I write HTML files by hand.