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    Missing The Point Again

    I’ve seen quite a few Apple bloggers link to this piece from Adam Geitgey about the new MacBook Pro, and how it’s supposedly “kind of great for hackers”. All because you can plug a lot of different things thanks to USB-C ports1. Huh… OK? Well first, it’s great to see Apple users realize the benefits of standard ports – and based on how Adam seems to easily use lots of peripherals without any apparent problem, it’s good to know that some concerns about the compatibility landmine of USB-C may be overblown.

    The iOS-ification of hardware

    It’s been an interesting week. Apple announced some new Macbook Pros and everybody’s unhappy in the Apple blogosphere – something I wasn’t sure could happen anymore. Just look at Michael Tsai’ roundup and be amazed. All those people unhappy because they finally realized Apple doesn’t care about “pro” users. Apple effectively made a new version of the MacBook Air, but called it “Pro” and that’s obviously not a great move.

    Missing The Point

    It’s September 2016, and Apple showed once again some pretty cool hardware: dual cameras, clever asymmetrical core design, water resistance, blah blah. I’m not interested since I already have the very recent 6S (I’m not that rich or desperate) but it’s a very nice piece of technology. The change that will create the most ripples on the rest of the market however is the removal of the headphone jack, I think.

    Wireless is better than wired

    Gruber, about Apple probably removing the jack and maybe shipping wireless earbuds by default with the next iPhone: […]not that one port is better than another, but that wireless is better than wired. It’s not that wireless is better than wired – it’s that Bluetooth (as it’s widely speculated that Apple would still stick to that technology) is a far better alternative than something proprietary like the Lightning port.

    Apple Headphones

    The “Apple removing the headphone jack plug” story is warming up again. The 2 best arguments against removing the jack plug in favor of a digital port, in my opinion, have been put forward by Patel and Streza in the previously linked articles: Opportunities for audio DRM. Necessity to move the DAC and amp into the headphones – which will most probably sound worse than before on average, or raise the price of headphones in general.

    Who Buys Books?

    Tim Bray on buying books: This works because Amazon doesn’t mind multiple devices at once having access to a book; and because our “Amazon identity” is a lightweight shopping-context thing, not like a “This is really me” Facebook or G+ identity. This highlights a very important thing about Internet identity: identity is not something that can be modeled easily, and it’s certainly not something that’s unique, whatever Mark Zuckerberg may think.