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    Abandoning Remember The Milk

    The domain recently expired, and I didn’t really feel like renewing it. If you look at the (absence of) recent commits in either IronCow or Milkify, it’s easy to understand why: I’m not really working on those projects anymore. And that’s because I’m not using Remember The Milk anymore either. To be fair, IronCow is pretty stable already – most of the latest changes were configuration management stuff and upgrades to Visual Studio 2010 – so it’s still usable.

    Fixing a bug can cause bugs

    Microsoft apparently fixed something in .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 that previously didn't work, or somehow worked differently. As a result, Milkify will crash if used on a machine that doesn't have this service pack installed. What you get is a XamlParseException that says that a ContentStringFormat property cannot be converted into a TemplateBindingExtension. This is because Milkify is using its own WPF skin where, among others, the check box control has a new custom template.

    Announcing the official Milkify website

    The official website for Milkify is now open! Don't be shy... download Milkify, and leave some feedback. For those who don't know about it, Milkify is a desktop client for Remember The Milk, written with WPF. It allows you to manage your tasks from the desktop, the same way Thwirl or Twitterrific manage your tweets. It's got hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts, so managing tasks is easier and faster than in a web browser.