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    Adding sync to Minimalist-Gmail

    So the cat’s out of the bag, now. I needed an excuse to learn some more Javascript, along with looking at how Google Chrome extensions look like, so I decided to add a sync feature to the excellent Minimalist for Gmail extension. It’s all in my own GitHub fork of Ansel’s repository. It will be integrated into the shipping branch soon, but I’ll probably keep experimenting for a while.

    Fun with jQuery: the vertical “Coda” slider

    Update: my personal website has, since this article, been redesigned and does not feature this technique anymore. The demo page is still available however. It was broken for a while, but should be working again now. I recently published the new version of my personal website and you’ll have no problem figuring out that I had some fun with jQuery. Probably a bit too much fun, actually, but hey, a personal website is supposed to be just usable enough that you can contact the owner without hassle.