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    Catching up with CodePlex

    For some reason, for the last year or so, I received occasional notifications about forum posts on my .NET projects over at CodePlex, but never anything about new issues being reported… well, I recently had a look at the issue tracker and found, horrified, that I had dozens of issues that had been sitting there for several months, untouched. Sorry about that. I guess the lessons are: For me: check the notification settings on any code hosting website.

    Abandoning Remember The Milk

    The domain recently expired, and I didn’t really feel like renewing it. If you look at the (absence of) recent commits in either IronCow or Milkify, it’s easy to understand why: I’m not really working on those projects anymore. And that’s because I’m not using Remember The Milk anymore either. To be fair, IronCow is pretty stable already – most of the latest changes were configuration management stuff and upgrades to Visual Studio 2010 – so it’s still usable.

    Experimental IronCow branches

    I created 2 experimental branches for future versions of IronCow. “IronCow Mobile” is a branch that adds support for the .NET Compact Framework. Thanks to jwboer for the initial patch. “IronCow Local Search” is a branch that adds local search for tasks. We basically cache all the tasks in memory, and handle search queries locally, instead of sending a request to the RTM server and parsing the response markup. The lexical analysis and AST building of the search query is a bit dodgy, as I can’t get a proper tool like ANTLR to work with RTM’s search grammar (probably me doing something wrong), but it’s not too much of a problem right now since search queries tend to be quite short, and we already are significantly faster than a web request.

    IronCow and the design for testability

    IronCow is a library that wraps the Remember The Milk (RTM) web services. The “upper layer” of the IronCow API is an object model that stays in sync with the server and is designed with data binding in mind. Of course, one of the things that went into IronCow’s design was testability. IronCow ships with a suite of unit tests that, well, test that the API is working fine. However, there’s another testability aspect: how the clients of your API are going to test their stuff.

    Announcing IronCow

    One of the projects I'm working on at home, IronCow, is now in a state of "somewhat usable alpha". It's a .NET API that allows developers to use Remember The Milk, the to-do list website, from any .NET language. IronCow is composed of two layers. One layer is a "dumb" wrapper around the public REST API, in way very similar to what FlickrNet does with Flickr's own REST API. The second layer is a "rich" object model that exposes your tasks (and other data) through classes that stay in sync with the server as you manipulate them.