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    Don't brick your ReadyNAS

    I have a ReadyNAS NV+ at home to store most of my data and I’ve been pretty happy with it so far… except for one thing: although it’s running a flavor of Linux that you can access as root user (if you installed the EnableRootSSH add-on), you can’t do everything you would normally do with a Linux box. First, like most pre-2010 consumer grade NASes, the NV+ runs on a sparc CPU, so there’s a lot of packages you don’t have access to unless you recompile them yourself.

    Little wireless keyboard

    A couple months ago I made a new addition to my home entertainment setup: a little wireless keyboard named “Rii”: It’s a lot more practical to use than my previous Logitech wireless full size mouse and keyboard combo because it’s so easy to grab, do something quick, and toss away (e.g. restart a program, copy or move a few files, type a search query, etc…). Obviously it’s not as good if you want to do anything that takes more than a minute, so in that case what I do is use my living room laptop (a Macbook Pro that’s always sitting on the coffee table) to either remote desktop into the HTPC or control it with Synergy.

    My new shiny toy: the Archos 70

    Tablets, and especially Android tablets, are going to be all the rage this year, with more new tablets announced every week than Lindsay Lohan had rehabs. Because I’m a geek with money to waste on unneeded electronics, I’ve decided to be part of the early adopters with my new shiny toy, the Archos 70. I would have usually waited on more mature tablets, along with a more mature version of Android (hopefully Honeycomb), but there are a few reasons I jumped on this one:

    My home media & entertainment setup

    I was working on this article when I spotted that my friend Bertrand Le Roy posted on that very same subject so I’ll turn this into a reply to his. The new year seems like a good time for bragging about one’s home video setup, it seems.

    First, you may notice that my setup is quite simple because I don’t have any audio gear. Yet. That’s because until recently, my apartments were too small for me to have any decent speakers.

    Home Theatre PC (XBMC Dashboard)