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    Using Mercurial to publish a PieCrust website

    These days, all the cool hipster kids want to deploy stuff by pushing a Git or Mercurial repository up to their server. And that’s pretty cool indeed, because you basically update your website by doing something like: hg push myserver So here’s how you can do it with PieCrust (although 90% of this article has nothing to do with PieCrust): Installing Git/Mercurial/whatever on your server Setting up your SSH keys Pushing your repository Defining hooks/triggers Keep reading for the meaty details…

    XBMCFlicks in Canada

    I recently cut the cord, as they say, giving up cable TV in favor of Netflix and generally doing more productive things otherwise (which is easy since Netflix up here in Canada doesn’t have nearly as much content as in its home country). The problem was then to figure out how to access Netflix’s streams at home. The web interface works well enough but is obviously not suited for using from the couch (even with that very handy Rii remote).

    Announcing PieCrust

    You may have noticed that this blog has changed its look, and has migrated its comments to Disqus. You may also see at the bottom of the page something about some pie crust baking… here’s what’s happening. I have a few websites around and most of them don’t have much in them (e.g. I use the domain name for other things). There’s clearly not enough content to use a proper CMS, but there’s a bit too much repetition for my tastes if I write HTML files by hand.

    Adding sync to Minimalist-Gmail

    So the cat’s out of the bag, now. I needed an excuse to learn some more Javascript, along with looking at how Google Chrome extensions look like, so I decided to add a sync feature to the excellent Minimalist for Gmail extension. It’s all in my own GitHub fork of Ansel’s repository. It will be integrated into the shipping branch soon, but I’ll probably keep experimenting for a while.