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    There's no such thing

    I once watched my (teenage) niece playing Magic Tiles 3 on her tablet. It’s a free musical game that’s pretty fun, but it has lots of marketing videos interrupting gameplay all the time. Since one of my kids wanted to play it, I ask her if there’s a purchasable version, or another similar game that I can buy and that wouldn’t have the annoying ads. She looks at me, slightly confused.

    We Should Build Cities for People

    This article on urban development by Devon Zuegel is a good primer on why prioritizing walkability over vehicle traffic is important in urban development. It reminded me how I really appreciate that downtown Vancouver has a wonderful waterfront made of beaches, bike lanes, and an almost endless promenade1, while, say, downtown Seattle has a highway instead. We could have had highways instead too, back in the late 1960s when the city had plans for several of them going through downtown.

    Some similarities between Apple and Steve Jackson Games

    Apple is company whose boss is a guy named Steve who is, by reputation, quite charismatic but also a real asshole when it comes to working with him and using his intellectual property. Their main product gives them only a small fraction of the market, and its core of devoted fans can be loyal up to a rather fanatical point. This product is always set against the more popular product, which is seen as outdated, inferior, over-marketed, and riddled with product updates that break compatibility with silly new features.