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    Enabling Disqus' developer mode

    This is the second post of a series of things I learned while using PieCrust. From the Disqus documentation: [You can tell] the Disqus service that you are testing the system on an inaccessible website, e.g. secured staging server or a local environment. If disqus_developer is off or undefined, Disqus’ default behavior will be to attempt to read the location of your page and validate the URL. If unsuccessful, Disqus will not load.

    Working with Disqus

    Since I’ve migrated this blog to PieCrust and all its comments to Disqus I’ve run into a few problems that took me some time to figure out (although I got help from the nice Disqus guys). Those problems come down to the following information which was not quite clear to me even after reading their documentation several times: The disqus_identifier value gives a unique name to a thread. The disqus_location value indicates the URL(s) at which a given thread can be found.