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    Mercurial on Sourcehut

    The cat was never really in the bag, since all the conversations around this, and the code written for it, were all publicly availble on’s code hosting, developer mailing list, and IRC channel (#srht on Freenode), but I’m happy to, at last, officially say that I’ve been working on sourcehut for the past few months, adding support for Mercurial hosting. You can find all the relevant details in Drew DeVault’s annoucement (Drew is the principal developer on sourcehut).

    Wikked 0.6.5

    This looks like a small update for Wikked but it’s kind of the reason this blog has been so quiet lately… If you don’t want to hear about it, just know this: Wikked 0.6.5 is available on Pypi so just go and pip install wikked -U. You can of course grab it directly from Bitbucket or Github, depending on your preferred source control software. You can check out the new documentation website.